Wednesday 25th May 16

Again a wake up at 2.30am and getting frustrated as I know this will affect me in the day. Back at 4am for 1 1/2 hour. Made some scones and took a small selection promised to the radiotherapy girls. Hopefully they will like them and they are so nice people.

Had to leave the house very early to drop off the pug, Hugo, at Fraser to take for a scan at the vets. We are hoping that his pancreas will not have any tumours and then possibly we can medicate to allow him to eat and hopefully stop this liquid stools.

Met with Helen our nurse at Clatterbridge and spoke about some sleeping pills to give me a few nights to allow to get into a pattern. I am very reluctant to take them and will try Piriteze for hay fever but makes drowsy. Hopefully.

I had delivery back home of the new electric tricycle but I am going to have you wait tomorrow as I have lost all  the photographer family however it is really fab.

Sister Linda is staying in Chester near the station with daughter Wee Linda and I arranged to show Wee Linda  round Chester and walk round the walls. Linda would go off with Eleanor for the day and visit the other family in Wrexham after a well deserved lunch at our favorite garden centre in Mold.

I never get any time to spend with my niece and we had a tour of the centre of Chester. The Roman gardens, the amphitheater, the Chester Cathedral where we stopped for lunch. I had eaten there before was not the never but essential to experience the atmosphere. Bought a coffee, Wee Linda had a water, ordered the food. After half and hour still not food and I went boldly complained and  had an explanation of their problems, but there needs a real shake up in that restaurant. I had a free new hot coffee and total apologies however they are missing a big opportunity and it is all about service, quality of food and professionalism.

We then walked the walls and today I am the most tired I have been and I know this is only the sheer lack of sleep. We caught the Wrexham bus which I now love transport which then dropped about Daughter Elaine’s estate and I have now discovered where I can get from Chester to Elaine’s and I will be using a lot in future. Elaine’s house was filled with family and it is wonderful to be in the house with all people I love.

Eleanor went to pick up pug, Hugo and it is good news that he does not have any tumours in the pancreas and they are giving him medication to make him eat and hopefully will make some changes. Back home he eat and had medication and within an hour he was sick and all came out.  Where do we go from here??

I collapsed into my chair, Delius on the earphone and slept deeply for an hour and wonderful. Eleanor now out to her Pilates and I have time to start copying the recipes which Eleanor copies out nearly 40 years ago but very very simple traditional baking. I have to convert oz’s to grams and I am excited as all are my favorites. Bill Granger is been no chance here.

IMG_0168 (1)

Great news today as Brian (tribute Mick Hucknall) has agreed a charity night at Bromborough Social Club, on the Saturday 24th September to raise funds for the Maggie’s Centre. I will meet with Holly tomorrow to discuss promotion and this firstly is very kind of Brian and the Social Club and I know we will raise considerably needed required.You will have more information soon.

Tomorrow Linda and Wee Linda will be taking me to Clatterbridge tomorrow early and Linda has kindly three shawls will be given for Maggie’s for sale for funds. She will also meet some of the most kindest people in this world and experience a special atmosphere who give people a chance to extend their lives and gives them hope. Kind you and all similar establishments in the country.

I am going now to relax before bed and thank you for following.


Good sleep.



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