Tuesday 24th May 16

Time is 3.30am and have awoken at 2.30am with my mind swimming with thoughts and nothing worrying but creative thoughts. I am determined to have a play written based on Labour of Love, however I have emailed the publisher to see if I can change the cover and the title to By Far the Struggle and this would tie in with the play. This story is incredible, the changes of the working class and how Robert Smillie was pivotal to this story. I want to dedicate the book and the play for cancer charity as Smillie’s struggle together with great men and women goes parallel  with many cancer suffers.

This is my challenge and I am excited about this opportunity.

You may I am so so excited about the electrified coming tomorrow and last week I was trying to sell our tandem but now I am going to speak to Eleanor about us doing the London to Paris cycle ride for Clatterbridge Charity. I know we will have sore bums and you must remember with the steroids my stomach is growing but my bum has disappeared.

I am sending a copy of Labour of Love to Robson Green, actor, who had an great uncle was the head of  Northumberland  Miners through the 1926 strike when my great grandfather was in parliament as an MP advising the miners. Previously Smillie was the president of the Miners’ Federation of Great Britain and would be very close to his great uncle. I am hoping to recruit Robson in raising money for the cancer charity. My hope!!


Now I have asked to transfer the publisher the rights to change the title to match with the planned play. I have now had a reply and they do not see a problem to this and another hurdle overcome.

Since the 1st April I have never stepped into my business. There was a concentration on the problem I had and Eleanor took me through to our Wilmslow shop to see not only a member of staff, Graham Waltho, but a very close friend. I could always say I could hand Graham £1 million and ask for t back in a year and he would give me it back with added with interest. Never asking for a receipt. That is rare to have that honesty in our society.

We took Graham for lunch next to the Wilmslow shop, Heddys, which make Middle Eastern food and I have been missing out for many years. Fabulous food and I went for the full three course and I see myself expanding so what!


Great to see Graham and I will make a point getting the train to Knutsford and getting a bus to Wilmslow, not work but just to visit good people. I then considered that I drove back and to for over 16 years. I was crazy.

My sister is arriving tonight and I must let you down with my image as she sent me a photo and I am the wee one who looks like a young convict. I cannot see her and my niece Wee Linda.


Great news from Holly, the fund raising manager at Maggies Centre and are taking up the kind offer of my friend Brian who is the best ever Mick Hucknall tribute and look out for the venue and make sure you book. I think he is better Mick H.

Simply Mick

Well tonight we had a long walk with Wee Joe the French Bulldog and I felt tired but loved the country surrounding the village.

I will leave you with an image over my back hedge where you could just touch the animals. Look at these these great beasts. I hope you are not eating steak tonight??


Before I say good night and this is my grandson Murray asking did his granddad really make these delicious flapjacks??


Sleep well.






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