Monday 23rd May 16

Awoke 4.30am and decided to make the fruit loaf which I saw in the Abersoch magazine. I had steeped overnight the mixed fruit, honey and the water which had been flavored by chamomile and spiced apple. The rest was easy apart from one thing, it went into the oven and ten minutes I realised that I was to mix in two eggs. I looked through the oven seeing it rising and went s**t. One hour and a half later, It came out a bit dry but with a bit of butter will be eaten. I immediately soaked the next batch and will learn.

At 11am my two friends David Soutter and Nigel Williams came for a chat and it always started and finished nearly three hours discussing politics. I am very clear on my principals that all politicians must be honest and in that business ONLY to represent the people elected them and that it must be to improve their lives. Simple!

We will be heading out to Clatterbridge to see the oncologist, check on the blood taken on Friday and have another radiotherapy. I always look forward to going there, strange, but I like to feel the positive atmosphere and pop into Maggies Centre. I have nagged then for car stickers  and any other promotional materials. The new Peugeot Express, Tepee will transport our electric tricycles, remember mine will arrive on Wednesday and will pic for you, and I want to have some publicity for Maggies and Clatterbridge Charity on the vehicle.

Arrived at hospital we asked to see the doctor first and met with our specialist Helen who was becoming fast a friend. Our normal doctor was not there however the registrar had met her before in Woolton. I was concerned about the results  of the blood tests and again these were perfect. I was delighted. I asked a few other questions and answered very well and now we are going to the 1.5mg steroids which will start to cut down. We will monitor and hopefully move down soon again.

We are back home and tried the Pug on Marks and Spencer best mince and at least he ate it and hopefully will start to make a recovery as to lose two kilos for a small dog is a lot.

The sun is shining, the plants in the garden are all opening and I am looking for my sister and nice Wee Linda arriving from Scotland tomorrow night for a few days. She wants to come to the hospital and see how impressive the place is.

Have a nice night folk – sleep well.




3 thoughts on “Monday 23rd May 16”

  1. Thank you Blair and Eleanor for your hospitality and the cakes yesterday. It was lovely to see you both. …and yes…we didn’t ‘arf go on yesterday about politics, but it was a great sensible chat. Thank you. 🙂


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