Sunday 22nd May 16



I had a great sleep and woke up at 5am. I had the option of reading but when I saw how light it was, I decided to walk long the beach at Abersoch. No one was there and five minutes I was striding along the sand. I wondered if I could auction this walk with only me and the heron standing in the sea with a background which I photographed but wished I could capture this peaceful magical scene together with the sky. It there was a heaven then it was surely in that sky this morning.

I walked right to the end of the beach and I did something which I would not normally do but I  had to take a lovely shell to give to Eleanor for her memories of such a beautiful weekend.


Still all the way back, no one and in some glad that I had this solitude to think clearly.

On the way back through the town I said morning t o a man who was just going to clean one of the restaurants. After saying ‘good morning’ we engaged in conversation which covered education, and the supermarkets etc etc. I found a real friend and had to leave before we were going to run the country.

Back at the hotel at 7.20am and made some coffee, washed ready, packed and we made down for a traditional breakfast which set us up for the day. We had decided not to hang around and decided to make the journey exciting and headed back through Llanberis where the Snowdon takes you to the summit. On the way there were cyclists who were taking part in the triathlon which slowed the traffic but great to see such young fit people. What would they think of my, coming this week, my electric tricycle!!

In Llanberis we stopped for a coffee and I hate to admit this but a large piece of carrot cake, which I definitely did not want. Now that I cannot drive I love to be a passenger and take in the stunning views of the base of Snowdon,  which I have many walked this stunning mountain in various assenting and deserting  once which was tricky. Could I ever do this again. Ever since the operation this has weakened my lungs. For a person never smoked it frustrates me but I can live with this.

Just before Capel Curig we noticed a most beautiful Lake with the reflection glinting in sheer beauty. Please do not look at my belly must remember hold in for picture, must remember for hold in picture,must re—————

Back home and the house is so welcoming. Had a bit of relaxation messed round with a few tidy up jobs and went to the kennels for the two dugs. Hugo the pug is still not well and we are desperate to keep food into him who last two kilos in three weeks.

Had a wonderful weekend, I have never been so chilled out and hopeful I can continue.

Just before I go to share you some information of the worlds oldest person 1116. She puts her longevity down to eaten two raw eggs a day since she was 20: she also attributes her good health to eating small quantities of raw mince, and having only milk for dinner. Now I feel about the breakfast and the unneeded CARROT CAKE.

You decide?

Tomorrow I will meet with the oncologist to have a few questions about my concentration depleting, and notice a decline in hearing.

You sleep well my friends and I read tonight that forgiving is the most distressing  for giving and is helps your health!


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