Saturday 21st May 16

My apology to all Welsh friends I said Snowden and it should be Snowdon. Soooooory!

When we got back into the hotel room last night the hotel owner had not realised that the temperature had dropped significantly and the bedroom was cold. No problem to two  hardy Scottish Smillie clan and we got the pajamas and into bed. Watched the telly from bed which is a novelty and then I was excited about a great sleep which had been exposed by the healthy sea air.

I Was ready to start  the day at 4.30am and I had brought three copies of The Week and I read two copies back to back front and listened Delius on my iPod with ear phones.  Eleanor slept until 7.45am then down for a breakfast, ready for the day.

Now we must admit that in our rush to pack our case in excitement, we forgot to pack in our steroids which are essential. Down at 9am to the local pharmacy and when he looked at us if we asked him would it be possible to buy two steroids. Now this is where the power of persuasion by Eleanor and I, we walked out befriending the pharmacist, two rare 2mg steroids and he was going to on to my blog. He proper zapped him and I thank him for his kindness and consideration.

We were staying just 5 minutes from the famous Abersoch beach and made our way to walk along to the end and then have a coffee in an unique coffee and snack bar. The weather now improving sitting looking across to the Pwllheli and it reminded our favorite place at the harbor in Villefranche Sur Mer, The Jolly Whale.

We started talking to a chap there who started Big Storage in Chester, round the corner from our Bumpers Lane, business.What a small world and indeed he owned the snack bar with the boatyard and he son was running the business. He gave us for a recommendation for eating tonight which we managed to book back on return to hotel.

The day was moving very fast and decided to go to Llanbedrog for lunch and a walk in an equally beautiful beach. We found the Robinsons pub and I realised that I had worked for the Robinson family who are from Alderley Edge and also had a home in Abersoch again where I had worked there. Again on another day, we prove it is a small  world.

At the Llanbedrog beach car park I noticed and I won the Olympic gold medal in getting out my National Trust passes came out to save me a fee of £4. Happy happy days are here. We parked up brought down the windows and had a lovely sleep. After refreshed we got the wellies and had a giant beach walk and again more of this sea air and ozone.

Tonight we managed to get into  Veneiza restaurant highly recommended and we were delighted.

Well folks we are back in hotel and an early night to be fresh tomorrow.

Thank you joining me today – sleep well



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