Friday 20th May 16

Hi Folks

I  had a better night when I woke at 5am, delighted and got up to get all the chores as we had an early appointment with the radiotherapy at hospital. But being Friday I also have to have the blood done, which will be discussed with the doctor on Monday afternoon meeting, and at the same time we need to collect from the hospital pharmacy the next two weeks chemo pills.

I was impressed by we were heading back home by 9.30am and at this is at the same time, meeting with the staff of the Clatterbridge Charity. Karen from there had asked me to pop in and say hello and loved the article which could help other cancer suffers and at the same time Eleanor and I said we would do any thing to help apart from a ‘half marathon’ We met an Ian in the reception who had raised over £1000 and a great feat and well done.

I forgot to say that early this morning, I decided to shower the pug, Hugo, who has not been well and was smelling the soul. I am about to show you the picture of only a face that a mother would love.

IMG_0134 (1)


At home we prepared for the Hugo and Joe to drop them off to the kennels as we were heading off to Abersoch for two nights by the beach. Some relaxing, walks and good food.

All packed and off we head for the two hour journey but lovely as this took us along the North Welsh road and looking over to see Snowden. I also loved this journey however today I saw a different beauty.

We arrived at the small hotel, The Wylfa, and was delighted that we had a part view of the sea from the window. We headed into Abersoch to stop for a drink on the patio just overlooking to the harbour.

Eleanor enjoyed, in the sunshine, a glass of white wine and me a weak shandy but at least I was getting into the Friday afternoon atmosphere.



Our walk back had great views over to the famous The Warren where chalets will sell to the rich people at starting at £300k. For that I would want year long heat.



Back to the hotel for a rest and tonight to the local Indian restaurant as we both could go for something very some spicy.

On the two weeks I have not lost my appetite, have nausea or the tiredness is more to the lack of sleeping. In some ways as I am hoping the treatment is working!!

Well folks I am going to log off as I will want to chill when I return from the pakora, and a lovely lamb curry – sorry guys are you salivating??

Speak tomorrow – live in the moment and sleep very very well.





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