Thursday 19th May 16

Usual up at 3am and determined not to watch the TV and just read until 4.30 with my unwell, pug on my knee. Back to bed and woke up at 6am. Usual trip to Clatterbridge for the 8.45am zapping and only said to Eleanor when walking into the building that I would have loved to have a job working in a such nice place and all filled with great people.

The treatment is so quick and then we always pay a visit to Maggies Centre to have a coffee and chat to, well anyone who would want to listen to me. The response from the article yesterday was enormous and this Blog has really taken off. So many people who I have never spoken to for a long long time have now made to make contact. It was later that I had a lovely contact from Karen who works at the Clatterbridge Charity in the hospital to say how many of the members of the staff are following the Blog and asked me to pop in to say hello which I will do tomorrow.

I must admit that I have felt starting to feel more tired and thank good I have completed the heavy work. When home I was more satisfied to rest which is against my nature and I am going to just go with the flow.

I also must admit that my speech is now slightly being affected, especially with the short memory. This tends to be very frustrating and again it is the fact that this may happen. I could speak all day about politics which happened in the past and I feel the frustration and passionate about what is happening in the Welsh Assembly where I could have been involved.

I had a call today from Steve Woolfe MEP from Brussels and it was great just talking the EU referendum and the situation with Neil Hamilton who had made a comment about two female party leaders being ‘concubines’. A big, big mistake.

I am looking forward this afternoon the visit from Roger Brierley-Jones who is part of the John Moores Liverpool family and he is such an interesting person which I will allow him test my baking, before he leaves.

I had a lovely visit from Elaine and her beautiful Eriska. Elaine sent me two photographs of Eriska and I asked her permission to put this on the Blog. She is incredible and I look at her and know that I will never see her grow up. This is her: –


Love to see her asleep!

Roger arrived at 3pm and we had a great chat till about 5pm and he told me that he sadly lost his dog Boris however he straight went out to get a rescue dog and now they will be great companions and now a small rescue will have a lovely life.

I had this lovely message from Melissa, my daughter in law,  which means a lot to me.


On this I am going to get my dinner, a bit of TV and then so looking forward to going to bed tonight.

All the best for today -sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite.



3 thoughts on “Thursday 19th May 16”

  1. Blair you’re like Forest Gump in the movie where all the people are running behind him. People I know who regularly read your blog are always telling me they’ve passed it on to someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David

      My new tricycle ‘man machine in blue’ will be deliver next Wednesday and we will be arriving to race you and Kate along the prom. Now I am selling a great tandem just suited for you and Kate. Get her on the front just checking she is peddling. You have a lovely weekend my friends. xx


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