Wednesday 18th May 16

Another night where I have awoken at 3am and decided to get up for the main purpose to check the pug who is not well and to let him out. I decided not to watch TV and I took the book to read and make some more chamomile tea. I took him up on the settee with me and read and then nodded off for a sleep waking at 5am and then to bed for the last hour.

We had the trip to Clatterbridge for out 8.45am. After the radio zap, Helen our specialist nurse was waiting with chatting with Eleanor and got called in to the side room to chat how the treatment is working. I think she had been told that I had little rest and was overdoing my work to get the garden right. I was at the end, or will be today, of all the heavy work and then this will allow me free to rest more and have some gentle exercise. After a lecture, I was well told off and assured me that week three, then four I will see a significant deterioration in my strength and maybe, maybe starting to get a little moody. Now there is a challenge for me!

Coming out through the reception, I see the older gentleman behind at the reception with the red coat and he has been awarded a recognition from the Queen. He is very much part of this hospital and with him and the loyal volunteers even in the cafes who provide a first class service and without these people this would not work. They all deserve a thank you and certainly I would be the first.

Eleanor had organised to have a quick hair appointment with our friend Stephen Blyth in Ellesmere Port. Rather join her I am not allowed to eat before taking the Chemo pills just 20 minutes before Radio zap. We parked in Morrison, I bought more goods for the baking and I was tempted by scrambled on brown toast and a lovely pot of tea.

It was by checking the phone, I see Sarah Hodgson’s article was live on the internet and this was an incredible article on Eleanor and I also including the video taken at the meeting yesterday. It was later that Sarah let me know that this has been their best article and at that early time over two thousand and read the article. If this can help people then worthwhile opening up our hearts in public. It is always danger raising your head above the parapet, I did this standing for election and I thought never take and criticism personally, it is only the message.

We came back walked the dogs and went to the garden centre, Mold for lunch and buy some things to finish off the shed and all organised back to finish off the heavy work and as I am typing all done and sitting next to the sunshine beaming in the patio door.

I am amazed by social media and I am having contact from people never seen or heard from months and possibly years. They find it difficult to see that I am quite happy and I have two choices and have chosen the happy side. If I can live with this then should be also content.

Eleanor is off to Pilates tonight and made two banana/ fruit loafs and the flapjacks with pieces of figs and apricots. Now being a tight Scotsman I was using the heating in the over. What you call ‘thrift’


We have a lovely cauliflower and other vegetable curry tonight when Eleanor comes in.

Cannot wait then an hour before bed and I would like to make a thank you to all the people contacted me with the exposure in the Daily Post and picked up by The Mirror. Such kindness and if every person in the world would then treat others with kindness, respect and the love of companionship and family then we would never have wars. A thought for you tonight.

Speak to  you tomorrow. Sleep safe and secure.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday 18th May 16”

  1. Hello Blair, haven’t had a chance to speak to you recently. You seem to be doing really well with the treatmentnts, it’s tough I know but you will get through it. I see you are still baking, the last loaf you made was delicious. Ruby and I will get down for your birthday, then I will be back down for Glastonbury, if you want, of course. Life is tough sometimes, you have to remember all of the good times, that helps you with the crappy stuff. Will speak soon.
    Chunks xxx

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  2. Hello Blair,
    I just want to say thank you ever so much for your kind words about Clatterbridge in your interview. I work in the Fundraising Team here at the hospital and to read such an uplifting story as yours is lovely. Make sure you’re not overdoing it in the garden, and listen to your nurses though!

    We’ve all become fans of your blog too here in the office too 🙂 We’d love to say hello, if you are passing the Charity Office in the main entrance then please do pop in.



  3. Another brilliant blogg, one thing I would definatley not call you is a tight scottsman the hospitality you have shown us over our 30yrs of friendship.You will have to stop showing those delicious cakes they make me hungry.Have a good day , look hearing about it

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  4. Well I’m not sure what to say other than you are a true inspiration to many
    I’ve been checking in on this blog everyday
    Your baking is making my mouth water not good for someone who is trying to keep fit
    Keep being the strong man you are being much love to you and the family
    From Richard and myself X

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