Tuesday 17th May 16

Morning and I had a slight disappointment last night. I gave in about 3 am and got up. Eleanor had chosen me a cake to make and started putting everything together and then I was stuck, I couldn’t find the vanilla paste and I wondered if I could just nudge her and ask if we have any or where is it hidden. I decided to live another day!

I made a lemon drizzle cake, no lemon curd but put in honey. Tasted OK and I made up my own cake name for this unique concoction. I wrapped it an took it into Maggies for them to enjoy-hopefully??

We were back on the early Radio zapping at 8.45am and it gets over. On a Tuesday and Friday the most wonderful fruit and veg stall is within the hospital and this is my favorite. We keep buying and I think we need to extend our kitchen or buy another fridge. I felt the weight of the bag and wondered how our two stomachs will put them.

Eleanor had arranged to our friend Jenny Sale to do her colour of hair and we popped in to see her on way home. Her husband Dave came in and we had a pleasant conversation and then we decided to compare or bellies. You decide but please don’t chose me!!.


We had two important telephone conversation due at 12 noon and 1 pm which were spot on time to allow us to leave for the interview with the Daily Post and Chronicle. I had dealt with journalist Sarah Hodgson  many times during the election last year.

The interview lasted 1 1/2 hours and I know that Sarah will write a good story of the life changing experience and our views on the NHS and the Cancer Charities. If this can help then it was worth while opening your heart to the public. This may be on live tonight or tomorrow and then the press media will print it.

We came back to house as I needed to shift these huts and as I was getting on with this Eleanor had to go to vets with Hugo the pug who is ill and I am very worried about him. I hope this new pills will help otherwise I feel that he will not survive.

Speak tomorrow.

Sleep well.





4 thoughts on “Tuesday 17th May 16”

  1. mmmm! I think I know which one to choose .Your cakes are pretty spectacular even Nic enjoyed them & he isn’t a big cake eater.It was a lovely seeing you both as always .Much love xxxx

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