Monday 16th May 16

Week two for treatment to start and I am waiting at the starting gate.

I went to bed last night at 9.30pm as Eleanor was also tired getting up very early with me yesterday. Apart from getting up for the loo, I turned my mind off from what time it was. I thought it was later then I had a feeling that it was not as later but just concentrated in staying put and eventually again I got to 5 am again. Great!!!

Got up and I am desperate to get the recipe for the  Bara Brith which I love and this will be my project. I also went for a short meditation and the first thing in morning is the best time. I will learn proper meditation and Ti-chi. I want to have my mind very relaxed and clear. I am feeling so positive in myself and feel that life is just amazing!

What I greet on this morning and a perfect place.


Eleanor and I headed into Chester to the bank and into Marks and Spencers to get some food and here I met an old client, Phil, who I did their driveway twenty years ago and he was fund raising for the Heart Charity within Marks,. He is heading for Chester and said he had raised £40k just from M&S in Chester and I said he would meet with me to talk a strategy for Maggies.

We came back to house, lunch and then headed of the Clatterbridge. We thought we would have to have the radio therapy and then hang about to see Doctor Shenay but she wanted him to see him immediately and then get the RT. He had the results for the blood test the last Friday, was delighted with it and I had no any problems with the treatment so far and he was keen to gut down the steroids next week to to 1.5mg. Moving forward.

Tonight Eleanor and I had  booked into a meditation in Chester Beehive health centre and this was exactly as required and both of us will continue to go as we feel the calmness certainly helps.

Now back home, Dinner will be eaten and then I look forward to going to bed later for a nice 7 hour sleep and I love going out to the sun raising at 5am.


Have a nice sleep folks and thanks reading this.


3 thoughts on “Monday 16th May 16”

  1. Guess what Iv’e been awake since 4.15am myself I could have helped with the baking ,Ha!Ha! look forward to seeing you both later.


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