Sunday 15th May 16

Today I have cracked the sleep. I was so exhausted after all the physical work and the walk to Llangollen, which I struggled with, went to bed at 9.30pm with my eyes shutting and apart and I stayed in bed to 5am and full 7.5 hours. Fantastic! Now I feel reinvigorated and had coffee in bed, took all the chemo pills, which I have to take an hour before I eat  and as it is 8.45am I have had breakfast, cut the hedge, tidied up the back garden and even Eleanor has completed all the tasks by using that extra time. Are we crazy??

Just going to get bacon butties and I tell you I could die for them.

Heard great news from Nigel Williams, a good friend and when I ran for Parliament for Alyn and Deeside, Nigel stood for Delyn. He lets me know that he will be the ‘right hand man’ of A and D new AM Michelle Brown. I am so happy as this is a real team and if there is any way I can help then I would do.

Yesterday I was a bit worried with my speech and I think I know this was due to the sher exhaustion for lack of sleep. This morning I feel good. I also have some funding ides for ‘Maggies’. A pain I wish I could just switch off.

Eleanor and I made off to Wrexham for the food and drink festival and it was a good cause which is Nightingales Hospice. This was held in the centre of Wrexham and it was full of tempting food which I could not resist with the pickles, cheese and chutney. All the fees are going to the hospice and I know one day I will need this service but not in Wales. I was told that just Wrexham hospice costs £3 million each year which needs to be raised.

After we went to see our friends John and Sula who are involved in Vote Leave and had been at the car boot to promote this. They are a lovely kind couple whom I adore and Sula offered me a cream cake which I succumbed. This enormous cake arrived and so what the belly is growing  an other cream cake – go for it. A surprise visit was from Michelle Brown who won a seat in the Welsh Assembly and we had a very interesting first week for her working with the MEP Nathan Gill and Neil Hamilton who is the leader of the 7 AM’s.

Back to home for a rest on the decking with the sun glorious.

Sarah Samuels kindly sent three photographs from her husband Chris a retired Rural Dean, and they have both recently come back into my life for a purpose. Chris took me in spirit to Israel the views are on the trip from Jerusalem to Galilee and I would like to share them with you.

I feel my body tired but I am happy as I still can get around and now that the heavy work is completed then stage a bit at a time.

On the first day, since from April Fools d Day, when I slept in bed for over 7 hours without baking, TV or reading.

I am off now for the Sunday and feel great for the sleep breakthrough. Happy.

Good night.




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