Saturday 14th May 16

My sleep which you might be bored with but it it is necessary to log the sleep pattern which is mainly due to the steroids and now I am on only 2mg and even consider after the operation I was on 8mg on morning and then 8mg at lunchtime.

Even I go to bed so expectant for a sleep until even 5am. Today I was up just after midnight and I prepared for a long night. I was quite fresh so I made a walnut and banana loaf. I then decided to watch some TV and did not go back to bed until 4am and got up at 5am.

I decided to take the chemo tablet at 5am as you need to do on an empty stomach and I thought get this over this and then I can have breakfast at 6am onwards.

I was tired after the physical work in the garden the day before but I was on pressure to complete and finish the oiling of the decking. Well by lunchtime I achieved all I had to do and if I was normally fit then I would be happy. The back garden is certainly taking shape and now all I need to do is shift the two huts and nearly then.

I though I would let you see the Maggies at Clatterbridge and here is one a friend, Chris, who does a lot the charity and has made us so welcome. I have been speaking to them about the proportion of men with cancer to females as I think there is a problem that male sufferers have a reluctance to use these types of establishments as they tend to keep their ‘manly’ feelings. I have asked for figures to actually see if my theory is correct and if so then I might look at a strategy.


After a lunch we decided to go for walk along the canal to Llangollen which is one of our favorite walk and just took the Wee Joe French bulldog. The sun was out but slightly cooler and we walked along to the centre of Llangollen which was Victorian theme in the town. We see all the people enjoying out in the Welsh town with a fabulous river running through. People all on the canal boats all enjoying the simple things.  On the way back along the canal path we came across this boat which is full of interesting commercial selling ice creams and coffee for a £1 and then they have some very Spanish goods and it turned out that the couple live in Tenerife in the winter and summer here living on the canal boat trading. Great life and very brave. Also bought Saffron which has been recommended.

I felt like I was 110 year old but just kept walking but as soon as I got to the car I was desperate for just sleeping.

Back home, rest, dinner and then want to watch the Billion Sky new series.

I am going now and chat tomorrow.

Sleep well.




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