Friday 13th May 16

Got up at 1.30 am and made a seeded loaf and some scones which I took advice from Elaine where I added some lemon to the milk to sour it and hence makes the scones lighter. I was trying to use the over for the two things and this worked. Interestingly I ignored the bread maker and the loaf was much lighter. My belly is getting bigger and Ellie is not helping with eating my creations and I think I will open a cafe soon. Back to bed at 4am and back up at 5.30am to hover Ellie’s car.

Off to Clatterbridge for the 8.45am for the 5th sesion and again meeting the great charity volunteers indeed a young girl offering a drink and she is finishing her final year at Liverpool University and studying Radiology and so keen just to be near to the centre of excellence.

Had the treatment then a meeting with the specialist nurse just to check how I am dealing with the treatment. And each week they do a blood test which I have not heard any results but in myself I am feeling OK apart from the tiredness.

It was when we returned I was determined to carry on with the concreting in the log rolls and I realized how weak I was but for 4 hours I sweated until I finished it. It was clear that after 3 weeks I would be significantly more tired and I want to get the heavy jobs finished.

At 5 pm I had a lovely refreshing shower which helped to make my backache disappear and we took the dogs into Chester Westminster Park which they love and it was nice to get back to a park which was our local for over 20 years and we all enjoyed it.

Now back home Ellie is making a chicken stir fry with some of the vegetables which we can buy fro the hospital either on the Tuesday or Friday. Now this is the best fresh, value for money and selection from this guy who sells within Clatterbridge. We just cannot ignore this guy and buy buy buy. Remember you are what you eat!

Now I am going to have food, another bottle of 0% beer, relax at telly and I will hopefully speak you tomorrow.

Have a great night and I am planning a carrot cake during the night.


Good sleep!


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