Thursday 12th May 16

Well I am now the ambassador for Kangaroo meat. Last night it was incredible and I apologize for all Skippy lovers but I would eat this again.

Now bed at 11pm last night and up at 2.45am then back to bed for an hour at 5am. No baking to disappoint you.

Father is leaving this morning and I am making sure he receives a good healthy breakfast before he leaves. He is a perfect guest in the house – anytime he is welcome.

I am getting in touch with Scotleave.EU to offer myself to speak in Scotland before the referendum. I have all the knowledge and if I could still feel OK like now then it may draw some media attention for them. The offer is made and it is up to them Hopefully I would do this at a weekend soon and hopefully that speech therapy lady yesterday would not be necessary as the treatment goes on. Now that would be a real problem.

Went for the fourth radio therapy and I asked then to take a picture of me on the machine. When they knew that I was doing a blog then she was delighted and you must excuse my belly which is growing!



Had a call from Ron who has said that Eleanor’s tricycle is now electrified and he will deliver. My tricycle will be ready in two weeks time. The sun is shining and I need to get pushing forward whilst I can start starting the log rolls and the way to allow the clean water flow through.

Ron arrived and Eleanor is so excited. This tricycle is fantastic and she is running round the road and better still the two will fit the new vehicle.

At lunch I am starting to feel a bit tired as the building work is hard but I cannot give up. maybe after lunch a nod and then move on and just do a stage at a stage time. No rush!

Had a lovely sleep in the chair and continued fixing the log retainer wall. 50% down and tomorrow hopefully complete this. I was quoted over £3k and I will do it all for about £600. Surprisingly I feel OK and I am taking this feeling every day as a bonus before I am told it will kick in.

We are going for a walk with the dogs and then back for a lovely dinner.  I had a special present from a mystery friend and hopefully whoever it is please let me know so I can thank and as soon as it arrived, the drill was out and it cordoned off my area.


Anyway good night for folks and live for the moment all.





7 thoughts on “Thursday 12th May 16”

    1. You will start to get jealous of your da. Tried the scones with the milk but added beforehand the lemon juice and cut down the quantity and even Ellie was eating them. Much lighter and will make carrot cake during night. You must see the fruit and veg stall at hospital Tuesday and Friday. Mind blowing and the price. Love da x


      1. We’ll have to have a bake off! Your big sister will be challenged too! Save me a bit of Carrot cake, my favourite ! Xx


  1. Aye Blair it was from wee Fee – thought you would like it and as I will be putting in a request for some more baking, I thought it would be appropriate


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