Wednesday 11th May 2016

Went to sleep 9.30pm and then up at 12.30 and decided to watch some TV, made a maalt loaf, OK cheated a bit by using the bread maker,  and went back to bed 2.30am and now up at 5am. Feel not bad but wondering if I could what tasks while others are sleeping. I need to eat something small as I need to take my chemo pill at hospital and should have a relative empty stomach. I had one slice of toast and at 6.30 may have some small porridge.

On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I need to take an antibiotic pill to counter the effect of the chemo. I want to keep the  anti-sickness pills in it foil if need be.

Clatterbridge this morning for the other 8.45 session. This early appointment is so convenient and it works like a clockwork. When I went in to have the mask fitted and the third of the session, I felt it pinching my nose a bit but I could stand it. I asked if it was him taking a picture tomorrow when I am under the machine which will be interesting. Await!

Joined with my father again he is seeing how calm and friendly this hospital is and it gives him a great relief for him. We made back to our house as we had two appointments, one – the BT engineers moving the modem from our bedroom, where it was was a stupid place, and move it to the back of our lounge. Whether or not his affects or not our sleeping, well better safe than sorry as I am trying to loower the ‘waves’ in our house.

The other tradesman and I must say he is like our son, Stuart Williams, who I set up Living Electrics and Stuart bought out the company and I am proud he has a very successful business. Stuart was fitting a outside waterproof electric access. I was thinking this would be handy for charging the electric tricycles. Great job and he is always honest with rate.

Elaine and Eriska arrived to see us for an hour and she brought a bottle for me to try and the .5% Erdinger beer as I cannot drink alcohol which I miss but can live without it. By the way this is the best and supposed to be very healthy.

Took dad into Chester and had a look at museum and a walk in the sights of Chester. Great place for a holiday and then came back to Kinnerton with the 5.15pm. Great way to travel.


Now Eleanor is going out to Pilates I am in charge of making dinner and I have Kangaroo and dad is on lamb. Cannot convince anyone to eat the kangaroo and I might be hopping  up on to the table tomorrow!!!!

Lovely night to spend the last evening before dad leaves tomorrow.

I am going to enjoy and have a lovely sleep.


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