Tuesday 10th May 2016

At a bit disappointed that the Piriton has not worked and at 3am again that is me up. I read for a while and then went back at 5am for a sleep until the alarm goes off at 6am as we need to get ready for the second treatment at Clatterbridge at 8.45am. My dad wanted to come with us so he could the set up where the radiology was taking place.

We are told to take the chemo tablets and this to be taken 20 minutes before I have to go in for the ‘masking’. We got there in plenty of time,  relaxed and then called in for the machine to do its job and after coming out I knew another twenty eight sessions and then I discovered there is a bell which ring out loudly when people have completed their treatment. Having it organised early morning allows to do other things for the day.

As the day progresses, I am waiting to see what the difference and the one I will hate is the nausea. We went to our favorite Mold garden centre to get some more log rolls and t have a lunch with father. I was the tired I had ever felt and could do with the ‘head going back’.

On the way back to the house, Eleanor and Bob went to leave me for a nod in the chair and I put on the earphone, some nice classical music and for over an hour I had a beautiful sleep. No sickness or no lack of appetite so far. Fingers crossed.

Just heard the News about Neil Hamilton  winning leadership of UKIP Wales. Nathan Gill did not play by the democratic rules and he deserves this. Honest and the free choice should always win.

I have been organizing the Blue Badge and the free tax for my new car. Other wise I am doing very little, reading, taking time to spend with my father Bob and just chilling.

Nearly 9pm and I am going to bed to read and hopefully bed early will allow me to sleep longer.

Have a nice sleep -good night.






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