Monday 9th May 2016

Just broken a record. Last night Piriton for antihistamine gave me a great sleep to 5.45am and this is a whole 7 hours – fantastic. I read in bed for 1/2 hour finishing Jeffery Archer and this was a load of crap. How does this guy get paid for this, my grand daughter at seven could write a better story.  Now on to another book and hopefully better.

I got up felt better, threw on some old clothes and went for a walk up the village and down through the fields to, what we call, Les’s farm and back along the paths. As I went over the first style I was presented with a view of the Cheshire plain and in the distance the hills of the Sandstone Hills at Frodsham, the spire of the steeple of The Duke of Westminster’s house, The low mist hovering over the flat area of what is a beautiful Cheshire countryside. Wow – what a great day to be alive especially joined with me with a freshness from the rain the other night.

Today Eleanor and I will go to Clatterbridge Hospital to meet the Oncology Consultant to organize the schedule for the six weeks treatment. I am looking forward just waiting to get started. I imaging the wee bugger is starting to grow again – maybe my imagination.

I am so looking forward to my dad coming by train from Ayr today we will have some real quality time together. He has eaten good food all his life and his 88 birthday this month, he proves that you are what you eat.

At 9.30am we arrived to meet the oncologist consultant and fully expecting us starting the treatment next week. We were delighted that they would give us the prescription of drugs and if we waited for two hours we would start our radio therapy today which would give us the full five days. This dragged in for the day because Eleanor picked up my height was wrong and this would affect the quantity of Chemo due to size of patient. We checked my height in one digital height measurement then checked in two other machines and hey presto, they had a fault in reading and a 10cms shorter. They then had to go to the pharmacy to add quantity to our pills and this took another two hours.

They arrived and I took the chemo pills then within twenty minutes I had to go for my first radio therapy session. I went into the room very much like a MRI scanner, laid down and my mask was pushed down tightly on my face, fixed and then I went moved back into the machine for the first blast.

I felt quite difficult to breath however I just kept calm and realized this was for my benefit and I trust the people.

My mask.


We were waiting for our other car to be delivered from Blackpool, the Peugeot Expert which has been acquired to take the two tricycles. Due to timing, Eleanor came back to the house accepted the car, paid for it and straight back to Clatterbridge. I had finished and went to the comfort of Maggie’s Centre and had a coffee and a chat to people who I am now making friends.

When She arrived we went straight to pick my father up at Chester railway station and I am so glad to see him.

We had a lovely meal settled him in and another great day ended. I am so pleased that stage 2 is now started and I am so positive in my feelings. Look forward to next early session.

Off to get a Piriton and if it is good as last night, happy days.

Sleep well folks.





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