Saturday 7th May 16

After getting to bed at 9.30pm and exhausted and a Piriton I was expecting great things. But at 4am I was up again in the bakers kitchen however the 6 1/2 hours was make me fresh. Two banana loafs and then decided to get the finish off oiling the decking and it was a beautiful morning. At 7am I made a coffee for Eleanor so we could get prepared to drive the Alfa to Knutsford and to the new owner.

David dropped us to Knutsford railway station and then into Chester and bus back. I know he will enjoy my little car.

Used my bus pass to get from Chester to village and funny that Eleanor paid £3.00 but cheaper than a taxi at £15.00. Remember I am no longer working and ‘thrift’ is the word.

I had a lovely rest on the chair this afternoon with earphones with Delius.

Chris Williams popped in with gifts, and a lovely miniature orchid. I think I can get used to this. We have know and she is a friend for 30 years and our families have grown up together. Chris had cancer of skin and this has been a frightening experience and hopefully she is all clear.

David Brierley had the Rife machine which he bought in South Africa and I have been getting my head round. This works on radio waves and if you Google the Rife machine or Nicholas Tesla, you will see who 100 years ago were beyond their time in technology however stopped by big money. An interesting story and I dare you look forward.

Time for a walk for the dogs and then dinner.

I should be the be the best healthy fed husband in world. beautiful tuna and I could eat very large plates as normally I would eat half of the quantity. Unfortunately  I see my belly getting bigger. Can I live with this? I think so.

TV relaxing and off to be at midnight.


Bon slumber.




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