Friday 6th May

Up at 3am again but at least I have a excuse to see how the UKIP North wales have performed. I was delighted that Michelle Brown, who is a friend and someone who worked hard with me in Alyn and Deeside last year, that she has maintained 17.6% of the share. In the morning I hear that she is on the List and indeed will be an AM. Congratulations to Michelle, she is amply qualified as a solicitor to do a great representation. I am delighted and my friend Nigel Williams who stood for Delyn will indeed work with Michelle and build his profile for the next general election. Great start to morning.

I have tasks today, one to clean my company car which will go back and I have sold the Alfa Spider, my baby, and this will go to Knutsford tomorrow. I have bought the Peugeot and will come on Monday night and this will be the vehicle to carry the Tricycles. All move cars!! Sad to see my little baby but going to a good cause.



When Eleanor came back from Pilates I started to feel tired. I felt that I had just walked up Snowden and the effect of not sleeping from the very start I have never went right through the night. When Eleanor and I went in to Chester, I asked to pop into the doctors to get me ‘line’ to claim my sickness benefit. I mentioned to the receptionist that I tested my Blood sugar and the test showed it very high. She asked me to wait for 20 minutes to see a doctor. He was lovely and arranged for a special blood test  and this would not make when or what you ate before the test. I also mentioned about the lack of sleep and he OK’d for me to take a Piraton antihistamine and this has worked before.

Here’s to refreshing sleep as we retire at 9.30pm.


Good night.



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