Thursday 5th May Election Day

Happy Happy happy. Woke up at 4.15am the longest yet. I decided to get up and and at the start thought I would be back at 5am but other things have taken over. Baked sultana scones and then decided to continue on as it was light. I set up the tandem ready to be photographed and put on E Bay. We will not need this and may as well get a good price towards the other electric tricycle.

IMG_0084 (1)

I then worked out how to fix out the stand which will turn my racing bike to an exercise bike.This will keep my legs muscles going. I then cleared out the huts and in all was a great morning and hope that I will not be sleeping at 2pm.


Eleanor was going to Wilmslow and dropped me into Chester to meet Linda and Mat for her last day. On the way met Paul Mison whom I was working in the advertising agency and he said that Graham Walker, who funded the 1987 American Cup and interviewed me 32 years ago, when I was then went from broke, to running and advertising agency and changed my life.Graham was keen to meet up with me and so much a gap to make up in our stories.

Lina, Mat and myself went on the 1/2 hour boat trip on the river, first time I have done and lovely, especially when the sun is shining. After we walked through Chester Park and I went to the cafe which is run by the ex addicts. Eleanor and I support them and indeed the food and coffee is both reasonable but quality ids great. Please support!

Linda and Mat in the Roman Gardens



My god Chester is 6 miles away but I love this place and feel today like I am a tourist seeing things in a different way. My previous life, I was always rushing to get to the next meeting or appointment or being phoned good or bad news from clients. This is so relaxed.

Great news arriving at home, I have an official Bus Pass. Free!!!!!


Had a very substantial meal with Linda and Mat at the Royal Oak and I am full up. Everyone one really enjoyed the evening. I am just about to Skype the UKIP team who are preparing for the count which will go till about till 4am which hopefully I will be rising.

Another great day with family and I appreciate all the kindness.

Good night






One thought on “Thursday 5th May Election Day”

  1. Blair we love you to bits, you are the most amazing guy,but I must say you look like a convict on your bus pass ha ha .don’t worry if we have to repeat things more than once to you I’m used to that with Dave anyway. Must get together very soon , keep up the bloggs love reading them but you make me hungry & doing my best to losing a pound or two. xxxxxxxxxx


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