Wednesday 4th April

I thought this was the night away but alas up at 3am. I made two banana and fruit cakes and finished off some computer work. Back at bed 5am and up by 6.15am as the sun is rising and don’t want to waste a minute.

We arranged to go to the Maggies Cancer charity at 10.30 which is next to Clatterbridge Hospital. We met a volunteer Gerry who explained what benefits we would be able to claim. For all my work without one day unemployed or claimed, We will get £88 00 a week and we also will be able to get a blue badge for parking. All my pension from the government will be saved and hopefully will go to a justifiably cause.

This place, Maggies, is so special for so many cancer suffers. They have classes in relaxation, yoga, nutrition and lovely areas to relax, have a coffee and just speak to others. I will definitely use and see if I can can contribute.

Back to house at 12 noon and Linda arrives to take me the Mold garden centre for lunch and I need to buy yet more stuff from this wonderful place. I bought some wood rolls which I will be using in the back door. The sun is shinning and it feels right a summer day. If every day, I would be tempted to spend more time in the lovely part of the country.

I came back and fully expected but instead got ‘tore in’ to get this garden done. I still know that there is a window before I will not feel like working.

Eleanor is at Pilates and Linda and Mat will go with me to the Italian restaurant and will be back for 9pm.

Lovely Italian food and I had the lobster and crab pasta. Now back in house and feeling the mellow way in preparation for bed.

Great day beautiful day with company.

You sleep well to.




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