Tuesday 3rd April 16

Went to bed at 11pm and slept to 3am and woke with an inspiration that we will buy another vehicle to tour the UK and will hold the two electrically converted tricycles. This can be used and saves the mileage on Eleanor’s car and is plenty for room for dogs too. We can then open the areas especially during the summer.


We will get two of these in the back. Excited!

Back to bed at 5 am and up at 6am feeling refreshed.Had the porridge and then a protein drink with frozen berries. Tasty.

This morning we had to drop in a vets a stool sample, not pleasant, for Hugo the pug and then in to drop me with Linda and Mat for an adventure to Liverpool. Train to Birkenhead, then a ferry cross the Mersey with Mat signing at top voice on the multi colored painted ship. Sun shining and a bit of wind but great way to travel.


Then you bring Mat together with the famous four, the Beetles.


In the background is our transport round the city and well worth. We hopped on the bus and learned so much about a city which I had been in many times. I know that I will plan many trips to visit museums etc. We stopped at the cathedral and what an impressive building. I was awe struck and felt at peace in there. They were setting up for a 75 year remembrance, for the first time Liverpool was bombed.

Off to China town for a lunch and then decided to get the train back to Chester from The Central station. This is again the way to travel, stress free, affordable and both Eleanor and I will use this service.

I have to speak to Mat about my concentration. When someone just whispers or does not direct a conversation to me, then I become frustrated that I do not pick it up. I feel stupid because I have to ask to repeat or I just just answer an agree or not and take a guess and will be caught out. I know that the treatment will make my short term memory and I am not looking forward to that. I know a lot are worse off but because I look normal, even the hair is growing over the scar, people just assume I am OK.

Back to Chester and then Linda ran me home to Higher Kinnerton. I managed to do some more work on the garden, now under pressure before the treatment. Eleanor arrived and she gave me a beautiful present of a Cross fountain pen and some notes that I can write to people. Thank you Eleanor.

Eleanor also met with a client who lost her husband with a brain tumour and he lasted 20 months. I was interested to hear his experience however the more I listened I was apprehensive for the way in which this disease changes the personality. I know you have to go through the treatment to lengthen the time and I must hold on the dream to have some quality not ruined for the dreams of the bucket list albeit realistic.

Great news today that my friend David Brierley is buying my Alfa Spider and this will free me to but the larger Peugeot to use for carrying the two tricycles. We will use this as a second vehicle and when we are travelling over the country. Now to look for a second hand buy.

Lovely night meal and relax at TV for a few hours. Today another good to spend time with Linda and Mat and overall 9/10 today.

Sleep well all.




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