Sunday 1st May 2016

Bed at 11pm last night and now up at 2am. I decided to fill in my postal vote. I can see this is a difficult decision in choosing their ‘local’ candidate and also the Crime Commissioner. Unless you meet these people you just go by the party you support but these are actually going to be the speak for you and not just what you see of their leaders on media. Old days they would go along to the hall and listen, question and today there is a huge lack of democratic and informed choice.

I am picking up Linda at 8.30am and we are going to meet up with my friend David Brierley. Enjoyed on the train times and David waiting for us at Knutsford. We went to the Pentecost  where the packed hall with families and enjoyed the music and the prayers. I felt this upbringing and later they had a healing lays on me with three pastors and I knew that this would help. Many people would think this is cranks but I believe the power of prayers and thought.

We went back to Davis’s house and he went through the Rife machine which he would lend to me. The other interesting was his machine which was scanning my whole body and many of the results were very interesting especially the high for cholesterol and also showing the high blood sugar. I will have the nurse calling in on Monday just to check the results. I realize that I have to stop sugar and will make a change to my diet. I am told that sugar feeds any cancer.

Late afternoon, I had a lovely 1 hour sleep in the chair listening some classical music. After I was so relaxed and Eleanor just chilled together, watched some TV and waited until midnight to go to bed hoping.

Here’s hoping for a good sleep.

Good night!



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