Monday 2nd April 16

Shit again. Went to bed at midnight and back up at 2am. Went to kitchen and used a recipe from the The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook, some date scones. This was a strange recipe for scones. Firstly it said that there was no baking powder and also two table spoons of sugar. On the basis that sugar ‘feeds a cancer, I only used one spoon and aafter baked I loved to eat one with my three cups of green tea. They did not rise much and were more a slightly biscuit texture.

Went back to bed at 4.30 and back u at 6.30am with a big list of things to achieve today.

I was worried about the pug, Hugo as he had had, sorry to say this, Diarrhoea  has been affecting him for over 10 days. I was worried that he had lost 1 kilo and this is a benefit to him, as he is over weight but we need to take to the Wrexham vet at 10am. The vet is puzzled and we need to get a sample, give him a medicine and hopefully they will find the reason.On the way it was great to speak to Sula and say we would arrange to have a lunch with her, John and Roger who are currently working the Vote Leave stall at Chirk Boot Market today. They are dedicated to the cause to leave the EU. These are great friends and I am keen to get together.


Linda and Mat came came to house and we went off to Broughton retail park to get food and essentials from Home Sense. We need more pots, a desperate clock for the kitchen wall, old one packed in and more of all required a simple clock, not plugged in one.

We are reviewing about all the electrical items left on during the night and will switch all off when going to bed. I have bought the Mini Rayonex which protects you from all the radio waves which are affecting people and I will be interested to see what the effect will be. Anyone should Google Mini Rayonex, made in Germany,  and see how this would be interesting.

Linda Mat came back for lunch to include Elaine, Jason and baby Eriska, telling us the stories of how much they enjoyed their week in Scotland especially to visit the Island of Eriska. Fantastic day with all their company.

I managed to get a half hour sleep in late afternoon and felt refreshed.

In the evening Linda and Mat come for a three course meal and I eat like a horse fine knowing I will be eating like a pigeon soon.

Lost out badly at dominoes and Linda and Mat going early to prepare for a tour of Liverpool tomorrow and going over on the Mersey Ferry. Cannot wait for a great day tomorrow.

Sleep well all.




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