Saturday 30th April

Sleep better, Bed 11pm and up at 3.30am. Made blueberry an apple muffins with brown flour and oats. They look good.


I have a job to do at the bottom of hedge which separates us from field at behind us. Unfortunately the field is higher and the water runs into our paving. I have to dig out the old coping and then prepare to build a wall which allows clean water to be directed to the drainage around the house. That said, I filled a ‘bag skip’ and have knackered myself.

Our most exciting is that an electric cycle engineer, Ron arrived from Whitchurch to pick up Eleanor’s tricycle to fully electric. I can then use this which is stable, give me some freedom and means I can cycle when I want and use the electric power to back me up is, for example, I wanted to go the Chester or even Mold.

Speaking to Ron he offered to build another tricycle which would be fully electrified, with slightly bigger wheels, for me. He could do this for half the price than buying a new tricycle and doing the same as Eleanor. This would mean we could go out together- Perfect and told him ‘wrap it up’


I had a half hour sleep and then Linda and Mat arrived at 12 noon and we went to visit Erddig House,  National Trust place and had some lunch there and toured the house and the beautiful gardens. There must be a satisfaction to be a gardener there, a simple life and  outdoor healthy life.

Mat Linda and Eleanor


The gardens with Eleanor and Linda


On the way back e popped into see Fraser’s family. Melissa gave me a loan of a clay pot which Madison hand painted. I need a clay tea pot for the ‘soon to arrive’ the chamomile loose leaves which will possibly be more effective to  make me sleep.

Linda and Mat can use my old car which is handy and will see us tonight at 7pm for lovely meal of lasagna which Eleanor has made.

Eleanor is preparing to see the lawyer on Tuesday and I am reading of the Lasting Power of Attorney. This means that I can decide the type of health and medical treatment. I know that eventually I will not be lucid and I totally trust either or Eleanor or Fraser/Elaine who will be joint or several. I will speak to them so they are totally comfortable with my wishes.

I have never looked so much in preparing in setting your affairs putting in to ready. We all think we can live forever.

Mat and Linda arrived for a lasagna and they highly complemented Eleanor on a wonderful meal. By 9pm I was exhausted as the lowering of steroids to just one a day, combined with this lack of sleep is starting to tell. I must speak to the doctors to see if I could just try and break this up during the night.

Good night folks.


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