Friday 29th April 2016

Now yesterday I put on the wrong date and at least I have the excuse. Last night up again at 1.30am watched the Madame Secretary, started to make the cheese scones then could get frustrated that I could not find the baking powder. I knew I had it, searched everywhere and could not find it. I prepared all the ingredients to make in the morning. Back to bed at 4.20 and woke again at 6am. Eleanor solved the mystery, the baking powder was in sachets and then I realized so the oven on and made the scones.

I knew my friend Nigel Williams was coming to see me at 9.30am and he came when Eleanor went to the morning pilates had forced fed with scones and cake. Sorry Nigel.

He filled me in with the activity of UKIP as he is standing for Delyn. He would be a great representative for the people for Flint and I hope the electorate see the sense.

I had several things to get organized and the priority was to order BT to come and shift the internet Modem out of our bedroom to the other side of the bungalow. I also have a problem with Paypal and they need copies of driving licence and a utility to get this resolves. Trying to phone people, forget it. Send other details but they do everything not to let people to call them. Frustrating.

I had also sourced the exhibitor for electrifying Eleanor’s tricycle and I am definite to get this done. Eleanor always wanted it done but this will allow me to use this as it makes it stable and they say I cannot go my normal two wheel cycle.

I have my little baby, my Alfa Spider Soft top, and we had great plans for taking it to France. I had a nice couple from the Ruthin checked it over and I am sure they will get a real bargain as I had spent all required to make sure it was perfect. I will be sad to see it going however Eleanor thought it was a  costly venture.IMG_0029

Linda and Mat will arrive at Chester Station about 6pm and we will take them to the Albion apartment and I look forward to taking them to The Albion and see the proprietors Mike and Cristina. First World War pub with tradition grub. Could be tempted with a pint but no.

Met Linda and Mat at station and straight to the fab apartment just 50 yards from the Albion. The food was traditional with the cabbage, carrots, turnip and Linda and I took the haggis which was great.

Good company then taxi home.

Another great day.





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