Masking day 28th April 2016

Woke up at 1.30am and used the new head torch to read in bed and just showed the light to read the Kindle. I was relaxed in the bed and just wish I could just sleep. eventually just got up at 3.30am  and at now 4.30am was delighted that I found my notes until the 12th April which I will tidy up in the Blog but better to share it out for now. Sorry if you see this bitsy but hopefully will get better.

Last night the Wales Leader’s Debate and I deliberately did not watch it. I caught some with the Welsh News and it was a load of armatures. I wish just some of these idiots started a business, risked their houses, went out every day and did a ‘real’ job. All promises which they will never give and it is a bit of time that we have a honest politician who tells it the way it is. If you need more services then pay for it. Get people who are capable of working -get them out working even to improve our society. Five year term politics will never build a long term society. A laugh was The Greens lassie talking saving Tata Steel. Does she know the politician from that site, not that I disagree, and the coal on the site is imported when they are sitting on top of Welsh, million tons of the black stuff. Popularization!

Today is the fitting of the mask at 9am at Clatterbridge. We messed around and started to panic however it only took about 25 minutes so arrived at plenty of time. Today another journey of mystery. The friendly of all the staff was incredible and both Eleanor and I were at a complete ease. Called into and explained that this mask would be made to the exact of my face and made thermal plastic mesh. Told to lie down and not panic and the three nurses just whipped out this mash, very hot and before I thought was covered my face and all their fingers were shaping this to my exact shape. I felt a bit uncomforatle but when I could breath then I went with it. I hardened quickly and hey presto I have my own sculpture and as surprised that this would be presented to me at the end of the six week treatment. Told Eleanor it will be a modern art form for out lounge. She looked at me funny -why?

After I had a scan of the head, sent for more blood tests then onto for a MRI which I had had three in this month and was a walk in the park. I had a bit of a problem as they had said I was moved twice and had to repeat. Have you ever stared to a point when your eyes are closed? Difficult. The they injected the dye through the blood system to highlight the flow. This time I was good boy and was congratulated.

Once released, we went into the building which housed ‘Maggies’ This was formed in Edinburgh by a cancer sufferer and this has grown, giving a warm atmosphere for people to meet, eat, chat and are fully supported in activities. Both Eleanor and I will be fully involved in helping and will use the facilities. Wonderful!

Back home again that warmth, spend some time on Skype to fix out the Powers of Attorney and this is a great way to communicate without travelling.I am keen to make sure that all things are prepared and easy with no dispute.

We decided to take a trip to Waitrose in Chester and stock up. Back home to have a lovely chicken stir fry. Lovely food and I know that once the treatment starts I will never enjoy this feasting. Make hay now!

Well folks, off for bit of telly and relax.

I am 10/10 today and good night.


2 thoughts on “Masking day 28th April 2016”

  1. Hi John and Sula
    You are both welcome to pop in for a coffee. Just check time in case I am at hospital. Nigel came in today and great to see him. Stuffed him with my baking.
    I will disappear the dugs for Sula.


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