Wednesday 27th April

Last night woke 2.30am and read till 4.30am. managed to sleep to 6am then decided to get up dress and take a walk. I had planned to do the 4 miles to Sweden Bridge and back at 4 miles. Well why not and a great peaceful walk only seeing another going for a walk when I was returning. This is great thinking time. I had read from someone trying to recover from chemo is to make a task of walk at least 3 miles a day and indeed I will set this target and will make an early walk rather than just sitting in the house.

The view going up.


A small clump of flowers protected by a rock.


Two sheep typical of the Lakes.


Half way at the Sweden Bridge. The river is beautiful flowing under.


back to the Smallwood Hotel and I am starving. Grapefruit, toast, then yogurt with more fruit then the full English.

All packed up and just before leaving I paid a visit to this wonderful hardware shop and bought some baking stuff and decided to buy a head-torch which will allow me to read in bed without disturbing Eleanor.

We started to go back via Conniston and a mistake as the weather changed to heavy sleet and snow. Again today is sun to snow. Strange weather and really cold even in the sun. I was totally relaxed in the car and thinking about going home. Eleanor is great driving and I feel guilty not being able to share.

Just popping into the shops in Chester, I bought some more decking oil and I nipped into Halfords to see if they had a stand which changed my racing bicycle to a exercise bike. I am going to buy one, easy to fit and I can exercise in the comfort of my back garden and it is stable.  Told for now not to even cycle on the road.

Baked two fruit loafs to use up the heat in the oven, thrift,and then used the bread maker for the first time and excited to see how it turns out.

It seems crazy me being excited about this but it is my nature for continually looking for challenges and as such this can be done from my home. And they taste good!

I am now going off to relax and get prepared to go to Clatterbridge tomorrow to start to get two scans and to get a fitting for the mask. This moves us on again and I am apprehensive but in some ways curious to see how my body reacts to the treatment.

Leave with a picture with a view to Ambleside and Windemere.


Enjoy your evening from a crabbit Blair.


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