Tuesday 26th April

Went to sleep about 10.30pm and he ho 1.30 and my eyes opened. Back to sleep at 4.30am and then up at 6am. Got  dressed and took just Wee Joe for a walk along the river and enjoyed the peace although I had to ‘drag’ him along. Now this is more difficult as I cannot disappear into another room and was worried about waking up Eleanor. I had to put on the light, listen to iPod and read. Now David Wilson recommended the book Cloudstreet about Australia. I started reading and was no any wiser. My mind was spinning with all the things I need to get organised, my patio new paving, what I need to do to build a wall, the mortaring of the front door and even having to buy a special electric single bed. I am an organised person and need to cross the T’s and dot the i’s.

Last night in Lucy’s, I was starting to panic and started to  find it more difficult to find the words. Because of this I started to say less and hopefully Eleanor was thinking I didn’t just want to be enjoying the experience. This morning I feel OK

Jim Loy is due to arrive at 11am and we will have a coffee and make way to Grassmere about 4 miles.

With Jim and Eleanor we have a coffee and then head off to Grassmere. He is great company and we chat about many subjects, however being engrossed we pass the yurts, take a wrong turning and the joy of this mistake is a view of the waterfalls. Back on track we make slowly at leisure and the day has shown the total seasons. Sun, heat, rain, wind, snow and sleet.

Jim leaves us to drive back to Glasgow and this has been a ‘special’ day and Jim would be happy to meet for another walk and chat. I am lifted in spirits.

With Jim


Me and Eleanor


To end a great day was another meal at Lucys and I am the most relaxed for a long time. The lakes is working with their magic. Thank you for being alive and for the support of great people.

Good night.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th April”

  1. Mate, read your blog everyday. Made me decide I’m going to send my son a text everyday with a small lesson of life. Look forward to meeting up for a meal soon. X

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