Monday 25th April

Up at 1.30am and went to organize the advertisement for Autotrader to sell my wee love the Alfa Romeo Spider convertible. I bought this from London and had a real adventure with this car. We always thought we would take it to France. Spend time driving through France on our leisurely trip to the South. Someone will get a good car and hopefully enjoy it.

Got back into bed at 4am and got another three hours.

Conversation with David Brierley, I started to think about the router which is in the corner  of our bedroom and Eleanor and I have always thought that this was not healthy in your sleeping room. I will get BT to shift it to the other end of the house and it may make a difference. The internet should also be switched off at night.

We now make our way to the Smallwood Hotel in Ambleside for two nights and can take the dogs. Twenty plus years we used to use this small hotel and was central and would bring back great holidays when all would meet up. Eleanor was good at nipping up the the M6 and then before we knew we were driving though the stunning views and better during during the week when not full with tourists.

I start to notice that I am feeling more tired. Down to one steroid a day and feel a noticeable to my energy levels. I still have this appetite and really taking the opportunity  to really any food. A greedy pig I am!

Settled in at Smallwood and made sure the dogs are walked but the icy temperature has come in albeit the sun is out. We are being that the weather will change from, just this week like summer, to Arctic conditions. I feel the head and neck really cold and bought a new hat,gloves and a scarf and I am now cosy.

Really looking for tonight to Lucys which is has a fire and great food and atmosphere. I would love to have a nice glass of red wine but no alcohol so just stick to the water.

Beautiful evening ending with a delicious ginger sponge with greedy custard and ice cream.


Hoping for a sleep just to have waking about 6am. NOT!

Good night all.



One thought on “Monday 25th April”

  1. So pleased to see you enjoying a meal in beautiful surroundings. As always your comments are a reflection of the strength of character of you and Ellie. thinking of you always and hope to see you again soon.

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