Sunday 24th April

Went to bed at 9pm and woke up 1.30am. Well that is 4.5 hours and decided to make another banana cake with all the seeds and quickly threw this together. I had then recorded a French film which was a two part with subtitles which was good which I could focus on. About 4pm back to bed and slept to two hours. I was so relaxed and refreshed and have to get on with jobs. I started oiling the decking and I wondered why I had always dreaded this job. I am such a calm person now, at last, that the painting with the action brush was therapeutic.

I keep looking at small jobs to be done and have this urge to tidy everything so I don’t waste a second later and I am concerned that my energy will continue. It is a race before the treatment starts. I also have a new book by several chefs who have contributed for recipes for cancer sufferers reference The Royal Marsden . Eleanor is so upon this and we have to look a diet like a business plan. Small amounts and maximum on nutrition and taste. Small amounts and often. This is exciting me!

I have now discovered downloading music on my iPod. They give me 3 months free and then £9.99 a month. When I think of my dad with all his CD and old record collection of classics and her with this wee thing giving you and composer or orchestra. I know my 88 year father would not do it but it would blow his mind with the technology.

Fraser and family coming for brunch this morning.

Julie and Ruby head up to Glasgow and once the family leave Eleanor and will have some lovely time together. Off to the Grosvenor Center and for some more plants as I want to make the garden is the best for people to come. £80 and then you see how little.

When I was back, Jim Loy, my best man 40 years ago, and he was wanting to visit on Tuesday from Glasgow. We lost touch as live are always are a tangent, however Jim is keen to see before the treatment. I have suggested that he will join us in Ambleside on Tuesday for a walk a some lunch. This is nearer for Jim too. When speaking to him I felt very emotional again and it is the genuine feel from friends which make me feeling. I hope I can keep myself together on Tuesday.

We had a wonderful meal and then had a chat with David Brierly who is very supportive and want to look at the Cannabis Oil and the Rife machine. David is a chemist and is very skilled and he will be very supportive of looking at alternatives. David has a place in The Isle of Man and he is happy for me to join him for some days. I can go from Liverpool on boat and it gives some space for Eleanor.

David had invited me to church in Congleton next Sunday. I will look at a way to get train near to there. Where people are supportive then you also make the effort. I still have a faith as such and there is a power of prayer. Never scoff this.

Great day again 10/10 and waited until 11.30 until go to bed for a hopefully sleep.


Good night.



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