Saturday 23rd April

Thought I was going to do well last night bed at 10pm with the meditation music playing in my ear phones. I felt Eleanor took them out so we have a good start. But about 3am I just was laying but was wasting my time. Got up and then decided than watching TV made some fruit scones. Really enjoyed this!

Watched a bit of TV and back at 5am for one more hour and up at 6am.

Eleanor is going to Wilmslow shop today and Fraser was coming with Madison to take me to see her skate at Connah’s Quay. I stood for election last year for Parliament and got 7260 votes. I had opened the first retail political shop in Wales and this was highly successful. That leisure center is thriving and full of families. Pic of Madison in skate attire.

FullSizeRender (1)

Fraser took me back to his house for bacon pieces and watched Rangers and Alloa. Wonderful enjoying the house of family. Bit tired but was thrilled.

Julie and Ruby came to collect and back to the house. My feeling were happy going to the where I feel so relaxed in my house. The decking is great with the views of the fields before and I start to think do I want to travel when time is precious.

I am going to email the chief executive at Walton Hospital just to praise their staff. It is important to recognize for their professionalism and dedication.

I have decided that I should have a ‘mood’ graph. If you look at ten top then if I  fel that my mood drops and I might just put ‘three’ then I will kick up my arse and move it up as I should appreciate still being here.

Great pic of Julie my sister in law on the decking this morning. You are a great chick.


Another great day and looking forward to family brunch tomorrow.


Good night.


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