Friday 22nd April

Firstly I apologize that I posted yesterday before and there was spelling mistakes. Haste!

Tried last night to get a full night sleep but up at 1am and watched TV till 5am. Not bad catching a program about Chernobyl where the nuclear accident in Russia. There is a bunch of old women still living in the heart of the radiation and there is no real effect and they don’t leave to leave their heartland. They make the moonshine and no wonder they are happy!

Mouth this morning is full of ulcers and due to  the steroids. As the mouth dries out the night it is uncomfortable but the mouthwash will help.

Fraser arrives with a present, an Apple Touch which means I and download classical music and meditation. Just now I am stretching my earphone to a laptop and now I will be so mobile and very ‘modern’.

I can use this in bed during the night without disturbing Eleanor and hopefully stop we getting up.

Yesterday I had a lovely card from my friend David Hopper, the head the Durham Miners. He has told me her had details of a good Socialist Playwright and I want to pursue this. I have the basic for the play and I need to put together a ‘storyboard’. Where I have is a problem is the number of characters and the scripting and this is where I need someone. All I need is to transfer the passion.

I have managed to get her to go a haircut by our old friend Stephen Blythe in Ellesmere Port. Ruby (mother in law) is looking great for her age but lacks confidence and you will see her picture how a nice style changes her. With Stephen I was as near to tears for the first time in a long time. I could see in Stephen’s face that he could not handle it well and I could see his changing. I connected and I had to really hold myself back. I am touched by his feeling but I don’t want sadness.

Today was like Christmas and I am getting used to this. Apple Touch, then a cantilever umbrella arrives. I need to shade myself as no sun when on treatment and then my bread maker. I need constantly to have things to be useful and may as well concentrate on making exciting food. Just on the scales but have not put on the 6lbs which I lost in a few days but I am constantly hungry and really enjoying the food.

Back from hairdressers and Elaine pops in with Eriska before they head off to Scotland for a week and will see all the family at Annbank tomorrow before heading to the most beautiful land of the West Coast. I am concerned about driving now and feel protective.

I am very calm, tired but not in the same way where you could just have a nap. Hopefully as each night passes I will get back into a sleep where I benefit.

Family today four generations.



Good night




2 thoughts on “Friday 22nd April”

  1. Just seen the photos of the 4 generations, Blair. What a bunch of good looking girls, but have to say the youngest member of the group leaves the other three standing ( Oops, really meant to say she takes after her good looking Granny, or I’ll be in big trouble) You and Eleanor must be very proud of your new wee granddaughter, and obviously Mum Elaine is proud as punch. Continuing with the + vibes for your well being. Best wishes Jim and Hil


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