Wednesday 20th April

Got to about 3 am and decided to come through and read then listened to a meditation audio and felt this benefit. Got back to bed and got another few hours. I look and think I only need about 4 to 5 hours a night and then we got up at 7am and are planning to get into Chester early to stock up on all bread ingredients at Holland and Barrett.

Beautiful in Chester early but made a big mistake to coy all carrying the coffee in one hand. Bought two coffees from Starbucks. £3.10 and ended throwing away two full coffee. Learnt a lesson.

In to H and B and they had the biggest purchase in the day over £60 and now I have all the seeds, fruit, honey, flour and yeast. This is going to be very expensive but may as well feed the best.

We had two sets of visitors, Dave and Kate and the Mike and Gwyneth who were at our wedding over 40 years ago and they have always been great friends. The sun has been out and we all spent a great day on the decking. This was a buzzing house and I am so delighted to see all.

Got the bread ready and in the oven. Filled with seeds. I need to make sure I am peak fit one way or another.

Need to prepare for the 9am appointment at Walton and will see the procedure for the treatment. I will  also see if the tumour is Cancer or benign. Whatever I am happy.


Good nigh




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