Thursday 21st April

Again up at about 1.30am and went to go and watch TV and was not tired but enjoyed. Back to bed about 3.30 and woke with the 6 am alarm as we need to get to Walton for the 9am review with Chakrakis and we will see the result of the tumour. He was lovely ad told us that this is a primary and ooooooo Grade 4. Not the best of news and again Eleanore and I have to resign to the news and cope. Both have found the stength and I am lucky that I have a second chance albeit a short time.

At about 10.30 we met the consultant oncologist and have now swaped to another team which will be coordinated at Clatterbridge Hospital in the Wirral and that will start withing the next 10 days. It may effect my short memory soif I owe anyone money let them tell me now

We had a great discussion about the treatment which is combined with radiotherapy and them chemo which will be administered by pills which is more convenient. I will have to have a mask made, the Phantom of the Opera, and this will be made precisely will target.

The side effects explained and I will welcome any feeling bad or good as I am alive.

Eleanor and I are now feeling a bit spaced out but it is surreal and I will follow exactly to the instructions. Never again alcohol  and I can do that standing on my head. I cannot fly so that is car and trains hopefully through Europe. No problem!

Went for lunch at favorite garden  center in Mold and bought some some pansies and took the time to do some planting to cheer up. I am taking a great pleasure just doing this.

I cannot believe how beautiful the weather is – glorious. I have the new parasol coming tomorrow for the decking to shade me from the sun and I still will spend as much time outside as possible.

Looking forward to sis coming on the 29th and we will have a ball.

Now are all ready to start to Bake Off. I see putting on the calories!20160420_130350

Just having a great day!



2 thoughts on “Thursday 21st April”

  1. Hi Blair, just received Eleanor’s txt with the news of your results yesterday. It is not often that a Scotsman is left short of words but difficult to find words which would be of any comfort to you. You sound very positive in how you are going to tackle this, long may it continue.
    Oh yes, once again a Scotsman never lets a golden opportunity slip by. Should I leave the reminder about that money I subbed you last year till you start your treatment?
    Both Hilary and I are sending positive vibes for both you, Eleanor and the family.
    Easy for us to say but hope you can embrace every day and enjoy every minute of it with positivity.
    Best wishes and lots of love (man hug from Jim)
    Jim and Hilary

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    1. Hi Jim and Hilary
      Great to hear your comment and this is a great discipline and it helps.
      I am in a good place and will tackle the forward with such positivity and every day is so important.
      Hopefully come for a coffee at HK
      You are welcome and I will bake a cake.



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