Tuesday 19th April

Woke up at 1.34am and decided to go and start to Jeffrey Archer. A bit complicated to get the names then I got into it and a few hours later, with the classical music I got to 20% and got thoroughly absorbed.

Up at 6am and decided to do the cake and laid all out and excited about this banana cake. 20160419_061709 (1).jpgAnd the results awaiting guests unless it tastes so good, I may just eat it all!!


Great day with Elaine coming for a walk in the country. Then surprise that Julie my Sister in law and Mother in law Ruby. All the way from Glasgow and I am so pleased to see them.

Made a huge pot of soup and I want to get so interested in cooking and baking and I need to grab challenges but fun ones.

Managed to get Skype working and had a first chat with Linda, sister, and her family. Fantastic.




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