Monday 18th April

I had a terrible sleepless night. Up about 2.30 with my mind swirling about world affairs. I need to go to Waterstones and buy a  fiction book which I can lost in it. I love to read papers and  last night got really upset when I read all the corruption of leaders apart from America and Britain where at least Cameron and Obama are earning money to do the job.

When you see the Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and many many more they keep their people in poor and the rich greedy just get away with it.

Worried that if Merkel fast tracks Turkey the this country is open to over 70 million and now Saudi are getting closer to Turkey because there is a void of America in the Syria.

Ellie and I were up about 7am and then started to go through paperwork which I have never had time for. I will be burning loads of paper which just builds up.

Had a look at the complicated to see if I was due anything from the government. I cannot work for 12 months and have paid into the system for all my life and it looks like there will be no sickness benefit. Started working at 12 year old, selling papers, and never been unemployed and I am then not entitled.

I will follow through.

Managed to get prepared for my bus pass and will drop into Flintshire County Hall. Then I am excited that I am going to bake a banana loaf and when the oven is on I can wash out chick peas, mix them with oil and spread with cinnamon and then roast in oven. This is an ideal snack. I must be sick excited about this.

Very interesting, we bought the veg from Lidil and we are totally disappointed with the lack of flavor compared to the organic box and we will start this again. We can use Lidil for all the tins etc but not fresh. Even the salmon was tasteless. I also want to see locally where there is farmers market. Always support local. Keep that community.

Thought we may do an antique trip and buy a few different antiques , at pennies, each and I will auction them and see who wins.

I feel good and we went to Morrisons to get supplies for guests coming this coming week and I have a ‘list’ for my baking. I wish I could be so organized in my life. I am so calm and know exactly what my tasks are. This is going to drive Ellie and I am conscious.

We went into Chester, had a lovely coffee in Marks and before I would be looking at my phone and wondering how I could get back to work. We met several people who knew me and especially Christina from The First World War, The Albion Pub and she was told of my problem and this was a delighted that her husband and her are great pals.

Back to house and feeling looking forward to read my new Jeffrey Archer on Kindle.I need to absorb in a fictional story to relax me for sleeping and no world politics. I have to work hard at this.

Good night.



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