Sunday 17th April

Woke up about 3.40am which was quite good. Picked up The Week and read in bed but was very settled. Was not taking paracetamol. If no pain then no use putting this in the body. Came up with a strategy for using my story and Old Robert’s story about his passion for democracy and the story of why he went with Kier Hardie to Parliament where at last the working class have someone fighting for their ‘very important’ cross in the box. I know that this issue is so complicated and I feel I want to do a YouTube film  which explains simple messages to people are confused and hopefully this will appeal to their Labour cause which is the empowering every person.

20160417_101103 (1)Now you might wonder what this plate is?

After a nice walk over the fields and back for a healthy breakfast of banana, orange, blueberries, apple flax seeds, yogurt and the secret Viridian 100% Soul Food Greens. Yummy yummy. If I have a problem with my head then get the rest of the body fighting fit.

When I got up this morning I started using the rubber bands to make sure that my body can gently get exercised and I felt exhilarated.

This is a fabulous house and perfect for me to convalesce  where we have an open plan and then up to the high decking and over the fields. The sun gets you morning till evening and the view fills your spirit.

During the night I read a lovely text from Dan Winch and his lovely Tumkeen. Dan is the producer for Indian Summers and what a wonderful job he has done on this. This couple are the nicest people on this earth. They have an aura, special and Fraser now knows them and I see a long friendship with them as Fraser is into books and a potential story to work on.

The Nurse came in to check the blood sugar and excellent at 6.8% and we discussed a personal yoga who could come to  the house.

Wonderful day




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