Saturday 16th April

Had a sleepless time last night. Although I thought they may have damaged my mind but everything whizzing round. All the concerns of the world. Just need to switch off and get that quality sleep.

Up quite fresh at 6am what a fabulous beautiful sunny day. Have this compulsive to keep tidying and organizing. I look at any cupboard and wondering how I neat it and I know this will annoy Ellie. I sure she understands this and maybe she will be selling me out to others. Why is this? Is it the unconscious to tidy your affairs.

After spending some time we went to walk for the dogs and I feel fit and really enjoyed the fresh air. Went in to get my The Week and I long to devour it.

Decided that I need to study the Mindfulness and Ellie had a short story on her Kindle and realized that I had to work at a period of the day when I switch off for up to an hour.  Will be able to put the dogs away from ‘bugging’ me and get the some really good music that calms the mind. I now want to go to the Buddhist retreat on the Holy Island just off Aran which overlooks my home of Ayr. Will book!

This afternoon had a visit from Jenny and Dave Sale and we had a wonderful afternoon of conversation. Great friends.

Tonight lovely healthy meal of Tuna and Ellie’s great cooking.

Wonderful day


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