First Day at Hospital

During the night in the ward was peaceful however it was difficult to sleep because of the steroids. I managed to get a bit of time sleep on and off. My mind just keeps racing and I started to think about my great grandfather Robert Smillie and the great courage of his life. I felt that he was beside with me, guiding me, and telling me to look forward in excitement.

I know that I want to write the play, By Far The Struggle, and that I will make sure this is achieved to launch in The Robert Smillie School in Larkhall. I will start to look for classes in writing plays as soon as I get out. I need to simplify the message and this should be about democracy, peace and hope for civilization. Could be taken to all schools. Not kidding it won’t be on the West End but you never know!!

I have the Nurse Jill coming to see me today and I have a copy of Labour of Love for her. She thinks she is not ‘intelligent’ as she is not as people think ‘educated’ and runs herself down but she is a thinker about serious issues and she puts her passion into her thoughts. I want to get her together with Roger Brierley who just loves her theories. A match made in heaven on mind level.

Great news that I will get home today. Will be picked up and spend some time with dad and sister in the apartment before I go home tonight.

The day goes slow but I see the light at the end of tunnel.

At 6pm was released and back to home with the bag of pills and was sad to see leave from all the people. was impressed from another patient who had a brain operation however was less fortunate that he had secondaries throughout his body and what a fight he had. He clapped me as I walked out. I pray for him.

Driving back through Liverpool and seeing Borissia Dortmund crowd going to play Liverpool. I had never experienced something like this and I maybe try sometime.

Back home settled in, had a lovely tasty meal and felt wonderful that I am at home.



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