First Day Home

Woke up and felt much better.

I brought a coffee to bed and the strangest thing happened. Every morning I open the shutters in the bedroom and as I sat up in the bed drinking a coffee and through I focused my sight on the cross on the top of the church steeple. I could not take my eyes from that sign. Never looked at this before – strange.

Had some grapefruit, yogurt with the special nutritional Viridian 100% Organic Soul Food Greens.

Going for dogs at Kennels and get house back to normal.

Looking over all  the ‘oil’ pictures and very very old leaflets on the Clyde and Argyle given by dad and noticed all his scribbling with where dad and I will go, Goat Fell on Aran, Trips on the boat on Loch  Lomond. This is his way to plan our quality time together and I am now dreaming of the summer and all that to take in of the beauty of the West of Scotland.

Now going to get in touch with Brainwaves NI. I am patience to start to communicate with other suffers and soak in all the information. I need to find this purpose and waste no time. Whatever I have, I can offer that.

Had a trip to buy up all the fresh food at Lidil and enjoyed the trip out.

Elaine and the baby Eriska visited and saw such a smile in her face.

Still trying to concentrate on a TV program and find it easier to watch nothing serious. Hopefully this may come back.


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