Friday 17th June 2016

Good day to you all and I am delighted that this is the accumulation of the six weeks of treatment of Radiotherapy and chemo and I am anxious to get it over with.

Last night I went to bed at 10.30pm and decided that we must move ahead every day now and I was determined however I was awakened during the night, apart from a toilet, I went straight back to bed. I did the and I woke at a satisfied and this was 5.30am. This was good as I could catch up with some food and look at the emails and at 6am Eleanor had asked for her coffee in bed.

Off at 7.30 and we arrived before the reception but got fast tracked to be the first in queue.We had bought some chocolates and I wrote some hank you’s for people who have impressed us by their dedication. First was the cleaner who has always been at as excellent person who might not seem important but without with her and the other cleaners then this hospital could not run. Thank you for being good and struck a friend in Eleanor.

Then we have the reception where they welcome us in the morning and always smile and efficiency. Not only we have met a few who have been a closeness with us and thank you, enjoy a chocolate and our words in your card especially who is training to be a religious priest. You can feel this calmness in certain people and I wish her all success in a career which she be in a position to help others spiritually.


Next are the team who had the medical expertise to make that machine,cost £1.5 million, perform to direct at the laser at the tumour and on the 11th July we will see the results. Before I went in, I had one of the nurses came up to me to apologise he would be working at another laser machine and she wanted to say goodbye and this was quite emotional. I handed again a card and chocolates as told her to keep a soft centre chocolate.

IMG_0280 (1)

Had the final treatment I was asked whether or not to keep the mask and I said definitely. This will make a nice artwork on the wall or Eleanor may have some different ideas?

It was a funny feeling walking out of this centre with one person and that was to keep people alive as long as possible and this is includes like the baby we saw this morning to the older generation who grip hard to their precious life to enjoy their family.

We went straight home as I had my friend Steve Jessop, our Community Council, and a very interesting guy. He took me to the local Costa Cafe and we somewhat over stayed our welcome there for two hours of great conversation. This included local issues and how we could improve – anywhere. Thanks Steve for your time and also suggested we post the blog to the Higher Kinnerton Facebook which has over three thousand views and my story me be of interest.

Back at home we waited for the arrival of Elaine, Jason and my grand daughter Eriska. Now I had to pause to think her name and knew I short term was affected and I now know what it might be like when people have Dementia albeit mine slightly.

We opened a bottle of champagne and even I had a couple of small ones.

The end to a day, when I have completed similar, to a school exam and now waiting for the next challenge. I feel so much better and can now plan of travelling with our tricycles and no doubt we will have a great time.

Good night my friends and thank you for staying with me.




27 Tuesday June

Looking forward to seeing my great friend’s grave in Halkyn

Torquil wrote “Labour of Love ” the story of Robert Smillie my great grandfather.

Fraser and I joined his writing group around 8years ago when I wanted to attempt writing a book myself. I soon realised that I didn’t have a “book”in me!! However Fraser has gone on to write many since then. Torquil was an inspiration to both of us and became a special friend.

He put in many hours of writing the book for me and at the time we did not know he had cancer he died shortly after it was published.

Fraser visits the grave when he is passing by but I haven’t been yet.Later this week Ellie will take there and I can say hello and thanks to him.

We have vacated the flat in Glasgow now and will spend the summer visiting local beauty spots, and seeing our Chester friends.

Blair and Ellie 

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Hi folks 

I woke at 3am couldn’t get sleep and ended a great story. Eventually got to bed and 6.45 back up to go on walk along a river beautiful Kelvin.

We decided to leave after breakfast for Ellie to drive to Loch Lomond. At Balloch we stopped for fab lunch and on way dropped in Balmaha where Ellie where many many years ago we started the spot for the Highland Way from Glasgow. The overall 100miles.

Saturday 28th January 2017

Good evening

I had just got to do this special Blog enjoyable for you to read it. I started yesterday was what I knew be busy as I was going to use the new Scottish transport to take me from Glasgow to Ayr. Being a real ‘tight Scotsman’ I see any way which I save a penny.

I was delighted with the bus in luxury and a few minutes more then the train and free yes free!! When I came off at Prestwick my sister picked me and took me to mothers then Dad later in and enjoyed a walk at Burns Monument. Dad drove me to the bus leaving from Ayr at the station and enjoyed that I had a nice table and slightly bit later due to the traffic going into Glasgow.

NOW this is where the fun begins and I was going to a classical performance of a world famous pianist and the conductor for the SNO. I just managed to get home to eat dinner and straight back into the concert hall. Bought a half pint and paid for a pint for the interveral. As I looked around like me I was excited about the concert and as has a disabled ‘blue badge’ I saved 50% on my ticket. The day could not be better until: I went up to the upstairs and my ticket was for in the choir seats and when I went up the choir was blocked but I was directed to choose my chair. I found it strange then no one is sitting near me and I thought OH WELL I must look like a strange character.

Looking to the start about to start as people take their seats and then I realised that there is no concert piano and no orchestra layout. The light goes down the the start of the folk groups of the Celtic Connection and I knew that I should be there. I went up to a member of staff and realised that I should have been at another location in Glasgow and I assumed that the concert whilst booked at this location then I was listening to fiddlers to a world pianist.

The staff then went to help, got my pint money back, booked me a taxi and there was my saving on the free bus pass money. Arriving in the Merchant City of Glasgow and I may as well be in the jungle as I only paid and entered the correct venue. I went to near to where I should in The Choir seating at least, allowed by  a concierge and listen to the most of the first half and was at last, wonderful.

The interval was starting to get normal and I bought that pint, went into ‘my seat’ and was astounded to Mozart and Dvorak.Completed and then went out into the Glasgow night and went ‘where the h**l am I’ Well better start walking in hopefully in the direction of nearest Subway. Realised that I am near the Georges Square and walked until at last I realised that I near the Subway and I realise I will be home soon and a whiskey or twa. Now I wondered do I tell this story to all or keep it quiet and then you, one day, may see be wandering in Glasgow and an eejit or in known in Scotland stupid.

Hope you enjoy my wee story.


Good night.